by Kenmore

How CharityiBonus Works for You

The traditional means of supporting charities may still be the primary way that individuals and businesses support their favorite causes. However, a new form of donation through social crowdfunding has provided additional opportunities for people and business owners to ensure their causes are well-funded.

Today, organizations such as CharityiBonus have made a real difference in the past few years thanks to exploiting the possibilities of social crowdfunding. They have provided a new way for individuals and businesses to support their favorite causes.

What is CharityiBonus?

This service works by using the cash back that you earn from traveling, shopping, and other purchases to donate to your favorite charity or keep the money in the community. If you are looking to help out someone or donate to a group in a hassle-free manner, then CharityiBonus offers the right services for you.

Incorporated in 2014, CharityiBonus has expanded to over 8 million followers that enjoy a cash back approach to charity. This means that any individual or organization can join the system and receive cash back when paying for services at a wide variety of outlets and online stores such as the following;

– Expedia



– Ctrip and more

The cash back ranges from 1% up to 5% which means that it can be used around the world to help garner more money for your favorite cause. Setting up with CharityiBonus is simple as there is no need to fill out an application or create an online account. You simply follow the instructions and start supporting your favorite charity through social crowdfunding.


There are definite benefits to using the services provided by CharityiBonus, especially if the traditional methods of supporting charities are becoming more problematic. For many, this form of support through social crowdfunding offers additional opportunities for more contributions to be made.

Easy: Setting up and using the services of CharityiBonus is simple and straightforward. You can use the website without having to set up a username or password. And, you do not need an application form to use the services as well.

Uses Cash Back Bonuses: You are not giving the money from  your account, but rather from the cash back bonuses that you earn. This means that you are having to dip into your own funds to give, but rather from money that you are earning from your credit cards.

Individuals & Businesses: Whether you are giving yourself, run an organization, or lead a business, CharityiBonus can work for you. Even if you run a fan club, you can use the services of CharityiBonus to contribute to the causes that you care about.

The bottom line is that this form of social crowdfunding adds up over time as your favorite charity benefits from the continual small donations you make through cash back services. It’s quick, easy, and a great way to incorporate giving without having to take directly from your income. If you are interested in learning more about how CharityiBonus works, then visit their website where you can start giving today.